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Contractor Performance Reviews

We have extensive experience and a record of success conducting reviews of outsourced or contractor work-product-quality, to modify contractor behavior and recovery of over-billing due to substandard performance.

Many businesses use outsourced vendors or contractors to perform key internal business processes or services for their customers, but don’t have adequate transparency to actual performance.  Our team can provide top to bottom contractor management services from the design of a RFP to a review of outsourced or contractor work-product-quality in order to ensure maximum economic efficiency of your expense dollars and controls to encourage top performance.

We provide specific, actionable guidance and recommendations on the development and implementation of processes and controls over contractor activity to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Key elements:

  • Assistance in Soliciting and Selecting an Outsourced Service Provider/Contractor.

  • Design and Implementation of Documented Statements of Work (SOWs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

  • Capture and Analysis of a Statistically Valid Sample of a Vendor or Contractor's Work-Product-Quality Including Documented Results. 

  • Design and Implement an Internal Quality Assurance (QA) Function, or Provide Additional Resources or a Third-Party Independent Review.

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