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Pre-Sale Valuation & Exit Preparation

If you are an owner looking to make an exit and monetize your years of hard work, you will have to prepare your company for sale to maximize the return on that hard work. The Buyer will not only be looking for the right fit, but Investors and Banks will have specific needs in order to support the purchase of your business.  This is a tedious and stressful process, but we can help.

We will guide you through the exit and sale preparation process, and assist with compiling the supporting documentation a buyer and their investors or banks will need, such as:

  • How Much is Your Company Worth?

  • How do You Prepare Your Company and its Records for Sale? When and Where do You Start?

  • Valuation – Your Business can be Valued in Multiple Ways, Depending on How it Produces Cash.  We can Determine the Appropriate and Actual Value for Your Business.

  • Buyers – Should You List Your Business for Sale with a Broker or Market to a Discrete Set of Strategic Buyers?

  • Preparation – Your Records Will Need to be Prepared to Support the Story of Your Business. Your Team Will also Need to be Properly Assembled to Reflect Value for the Future Buyer.

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