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Golden Buffalo

  Professional Services, LLC

  Management Consulting

Golden Buffalo Professional Services, LLC

Golden Buffalo is a Denver based management consulting firm with more than 25 years of local experience helping small and mid-sized companies scale to grow. Companies in this space know their products, services, and customers, but often face challenges related to the “business” part of the business – accounting, key business process controls, human resource issues, budgets, cash management, and more.

Golden Buffalo can help ownership and management teams with:

  • Due Diligence

  • Interim Management

  • Crisis Management

  • Measuring and Managing Outsourced Services

  • Cash Management & Forecasting

  • KPI Dashboards

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Budgets

  • Cost Reduction Plans

  • Assembling Successful Teams

  • Strategic Goal Setting

  • Regulatory & Legal Compliance

Our Services

Our Services
Interim Management

Skilled, experienced leadership to fill a planned or unexpected departure from your management team at a critical moment.

Pre-Sale Valuation & Exit Prep

How much is your company worth? How do you prepare your company and it's records for sale? When and where do you start?

Fraud Investigations

Investigation of allegations of fraud or other unethical conduct, whether by an employee, customer or contractor.

  • Internal fraud

  • External fraud

  • Conflict-of-Interest

  • Business Integrity and Ethics

Accounting, Finance & Administration

We offer a wide range of services from financial statement analysis to cash management, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard design and implementation, or strengthening of internal controls.


Whether you need greater transparency to project costs, or need to ensure compliance with a bank covenant or government regulation, our team can serve your needs.

  • Due Diliegence

  • Operational

  • Compliance

  • Financial

Contractor Performance Reviews

Review of outsourced or contractor work product quality to modify contractor behavior and recovery of over-billing due to substandard performance.



“When I needed a valuation performed for my company, Ed jumped in quickly with both feet, providing a sophisticated analysis that was critical in my decision-making process. He also took the time to walk me through the process so I understood not only how he reached the valuation, but also how it would impact any potential negotiations.  As a small business owner, I appreciated not only his high-quality work, but his patience in explaining the process and answering my questions. Top-notch work.”

Karen Crummy

Principal at Vantage Point Communications

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